Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, swimming, motor yachts without a patent is legal in Poland since 2010. On 16 October 2010, legislation came into force that makes changes to the permissions for a motorboat cruise: "... It does not require possession of a qualification to practice water tourism motor yacht with engine power up to 75 kW with a hull length up to 13 m, which the maximum speed is limited by design to 15 km / h. "
In the Polish legal system, an underage person does not have full legal capacity, and therefore can not rent yacht. That person can independently drive a rented yacht by an adult who will take responsibility for any damage.
The advance payment of charter services is standard. Advance payment is a confirmation of the booking the boat on a specified date.
Deposit in charter services is a standard. Its amount depends on the class of the boat and the quality of the equipment. Yacht insurance does not always include minor losses, for example lost anchor. In other cases, the procedure for the recovery of insurance is more expensive than minor damage – for example scratch marked on side the boat. This type of damage caused by the customer are repaired just from the deposit. A customer who has paid a deposit cares more about the yacht, the value of which sometimes exceeded the price of a luxury car.
Everything depends on the choice of the insurance company, the insurance purchased option. The cost to repair minor damage or remedy the deficiencies in the equipment is covered with a deposit charged by the owner of the client at the beginning of the cruise. The deposit is accounted for at the end of the cruise.
Charter yachts are equipped with a brush to scrub the deck and a bucket on a line to the flushing. For cleaning the boat, do not use detergents, as they are toxic to the environment (especially fish and waterfowl). The poisoning the environment is prohibited and is punishable.
Price for charter depends primarily on the period for which you want to rent a boat. It also depends on the size of the boat and its age, condition and equipment. Lowest prices are pre-season (April, May, June), and after the high season (September, October, November). The highest prices are in periods of high season (July and August) and in the so-called. long weekends.
Yachts differ in age, equipment, quality fittings and a way of building etc. In addition, some boats are very well equipped, stand out in this regard from the competition. Charter price in such a case is high, but the swimming this yacht it is a pleasure.
It is possible but not in accordance with provisions, like driving a car designed for 5 people - with four adults and two children. For such a number of people better rent two smaller boats than one large.